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Great Smiles Don’t Have An Age Limit

At BCO, we believe it’s never too late for a great smile. The American Association of Orthodontists agrees with us. They even did a study and found that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are over the age of 21. In our office, that number is higher. You’ve spent the last few decades putting everyone else’s needs before your own. So, let’s do this. You’ve waited long enough.

Orthodontic Treatment Is For Everyone

Considering orthodontic treatment for adults? Answer these questions in your head:

If you answered yes to any of these, orthodontic treatment might be right for you. Plus, it’s important to mention, crowded teeth are hard to keep clean. This can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, and recession.

Another reason to see Dr. Welsh is if you’re just unhappy with your smile. Even if you think it’s a small thing and it shouldn’t bother you, come see us. Let’s talk. Your first consultation is always free.

What Are My Orthodontic Options At BCO?

Today, treatment is more efficient, faster and more comfortable than ever. Best of all, there are as many treatment options as there are styles of jeans. We offer aesthetic options for our adult patients – LightForce 3D Printed fully custom clear braces & custom clear aligners like Invisalign, Spark and Angel Aligners. Dr. Welsh’s vast experience with all of these options gives him an edge when it comes to giving you customized treatment for your best results.

Dr. Welsh recommends LightForce clear braces and/or clear aligner treatment options like Invisalign, Spark and Angel Align based on the best option for each patient’s case and patient preferences. We will walk you through the pros & cons of each treatment modality to help you make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle.

Dr. Welsh is the top provider of LightForce 3D printed fully custom clear braces in all of the Philadelphia region & has decades of experience with clear aligners, so you know you’re in good hands.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Great Smile?

Some patients need a little more time in treatment, some need a little less. It all depends on your specific smile goals. Adult treatment can take longer than teen treatment because as adults, our jaws have stopped growing. They’re not as malleable. Dr. Welsh is an expert at what he does and will take into consideration things you may not have even thought of, like bone loss, recession, or missing teeth. In some cases, orthognathic surgery is needed to make sure your jaw is aligned correctly.

Here’s the thing to remember – Dr. Welsh is the best at what he does. He will recommend what’s right for your smile and your long-term dental health and give you options for your treatment depending on if you want a quick Smile Refresh or if you’d like comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Welsh will walk you through all options and most importantly, give you the WHY for each option, so that you are easily able to make an informed decision for your one & only SMILE!

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