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The Buzz Around BCO.

“Shortly after beginning treatment we moved out of the area, but the results and wonderful staff made the 2-hour round trip totally worth the while!!!”

- Kristy R.

"Our kids went to Dr. Welsh in Doylestown... that is where all of the dentists send their kids."

- Jennifer B.

“My pediatric dentist said, ‘Dr. Welsh is the Harry Potter of Orthodontics’. I agree completely!”

- Coleen H.

“Dr. Welsh goes above and beyond any doctor I've had in years!”

- Carol F.

“Dr. Welsh is a perfectionist who works diligently to ensure you achieve a perfect smile. He is the rare doctor who gives his cell number to patients for emergencies.”

- Jen S.

“It is very clear that Dr. Welsh is entirely devoted to the LONG-TERM outcome for his patients, and I fear that shortcuts may have been taken and things would have ultimately been missed with other providers!”

- Tristan R.

“We so appreciate Dr. Welsh's conservative approach, doing what's best for the patient, not the practice!”

- Lynn Q.

Absolutely the BEST. Utmost professionalism and perfectionism! Dr. Welsh is not aggressive & does things at the appropriate time with the kids. Prepare to be WOWED!”

- Lauren M.

The results we have already seen have been outstanding. It is almost as if [our children] are getting plastic surgery (without the surgery) as the entire shape and structure of their smiles have changed and improved drastically.

- Brad R. 

We have LightForce 3D Printed Braces for my daughter. It has been the easiest, most lovely experience.

- Julie D.

As a dentist I visited a few practices when it came time for my kids to get orthodontics that I was not able to complete myself and specifically looked for certain criteria. First and foremost was clinical knowledge paired WITH patient skill. Dr. Welsh far exceeds this criteria. Period. Second was the ease at which my kids felt on the consultation. The BCO Team welcomed us as whole in a more genuine manner. The coordinator and Dr. Welsh talked patiently and answered questions any of us had…. He and his Team are always well prepared, organized, and there is an absence of chaos… I encourage anyone to consult Dr. Welsh. We have had an awesome experience!

- Amit K.

We had several consultations before settling on BCO. This practice blew the competitors away in terms of communication, cutting edge options, results, and their ability to work within a budget and timeline we wanted.

- A BCO Parent

Being a dental professional myself I refer all my patients to Dr Welsh at Bucks County Orthodontics including my daughter. The work Dr Welsh does is perfect and feedback from patients is always phenomenal! The staff strives to always make you feel welcome every time! Dr Welsh is very personable and utilizes the latest technologies available to date. The office itself is beautifully renovated with lots of free onsite parking.

- Olga K.

I can’t say enough good things about this practice. From the start my emails were returned quickly and with great communication. When I got to the office (it’s beautiful!) everyone was so kind and my anxiety was relieved almost instantly.

- Jessica K.

First impressions are everything and BCO nailed it. I took my daughter for a consult and everything from the initial conversation to completion of the appointment was flawless. BCO is a very customer-centric practice making it all easy...easy to schedule, easy to communicate, and easy to understand. Dr. Welsh didn't try to sell me on anything my child didn't need. I greatly appreciate their honesty and thoroughness.

- Megan B.

At our initial consultation Dr. Welsh and Tia was amazing! They went through each step thoroughly. They also really took the time to talk to my son and ease some anxious nerves! My son feels comfortable and that’s all this mom can ask for!!

- Jessica C.

Dr. Welsh’s expertise and precision with his craft are incredible and his dedication and care for his patients and community are truly unmatched. The BCO Team does everything possible to make your orthodontic journey easy, enjoyable, and convenient.

- Rebecca B.

My daughter has 3D printed braces that don’t require as many checkups, so we haven’t had to miss much school at all. Highly recommend!

- A BCO Parent

Dr. Welsh has always given us the confidence that he has our child's best interest in mind when recommending treatment. He does not rush anything, nor does he recommend unnecessary treatments.

- Jen B.

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