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The standard of orthodontic care is changing. It’s more advanced and personalized than ever. It can be overwhelming to navigate, so I’m going to help you make an informed decision by answering our most commonly asked questions.

“What training and experience do you have as an Orthodontist?”

  • Orthodontists attend dental school, complete 2-3 years of additional specialty training and a select few go on to complete Board Certification. A Board-Certified Orthodontist does so much more than just straighten teeth. They evaluate your teeth and jaw alignment, overall facial aesthetics, optimized bite, bone structure and more to build your best and healthiest smile for life. Trust your smile to an expert.

“What are my treatment options and how can they benefit me?”

  • Smiles are like fingerprints. Each is unique. Some patients need more complex treatment, some need minor adjustments, and some don’t need any treatment at all. Common options include metal or ceramic braces, and aligners like Invisalign. I also offer advanced options like LightForce 3D-printed, fully custom clear braces. During your initial consultation, your doctor should thoroughly explain their recommended treatment plan and why it’s necessary. Make sure the treatment plans you’re offered are designed specifically for YOU and ask to see comparable before and after results. The treatment choice you make will impact length of treatment, quantity of office visits, and your at-home responsibilities. Most of our busy BCO families choose our 3D-printed clear braces, as my custom digital treatment planning allows for faster, more comfortable treatment and fewer office visits.

“How do I choose the right Orthodontist?”

  • Your choice should feel “right”. You should feel educated about your treatment options and confident in your doctor’s abilities based on their results. You should feel listened to, and your questions should be answered. Also, check that the office’s schedule meets your needs, that your doctor will be at every visit, and that your treatment quote is all-inclusive. For example, at my office, all appointments, including observation and emergencies, all x-rays, a final set of retainers, and more are included in our all-inclusive plans.

You only get one smile. Trust it to a Board-Certified Orthodontist who treats you like family and provides the best experience possible!

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